When I was 20 years old I found out that I had a superpower, and that superpower was to make people happy through food. I created Flour&Flowers with a scene from a movie that I used to love as a little girl in mind, Hook from 1991 with Robin Williams. The lost boys didn’t have much, all they had was a lot of  imagination, but that was just enough. By using only their imagination they took an empty table, with empty plates and pots and they turned it into a table full of colourful and inviting food.

“You will be able to create something extraordinary through your imagination.” This is something that I will always believe in, deep in my heart. And for me, the plants, the flowers, the flour and the smell of vanilla are my main form of expression. I only had to paint it in my head. The green hope, being able to make people happy through food in the quiet of a flower garden.



Giada means Jade, and Jade is a precious stone with a bright green colour. And just like that green has been the colour that has guided me throughout my life.

When I was 19, I started working as a waitress in a bakery in Milan, that was the place where I have learned to love the smell of hot vanilla.

I left my home town in Italy and I moved to London just so I could improve my English and gather some experience to kick off my new career, little did I know that it would have become my new forever home.

I have worked in a kitchen for almost 10 years now, I opened several restaurants and I also got to attend and get a degree from one of the most prestigious and internationally-recognized schools of culinary arts, the Ferrandi in Paris.

As soon as I got my degree the desire of having a place that was my own, where I could create, experiment and express my creativity started becoming stronger and stronger every day.

That’s how Flour&Flowers was born.



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